Envirotek is the exclusive distributor of innovative, environmentally-friendly, and human health-conscious, mainly biological products, of the world’s leading manufacturers in Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus within the scope of public health pest ​and forestry pest management. Thanks to 25 years of experience, Envirotek provides internationally approved solutions with proven effectiveness that protect the ecological balance and human health at the same time for our country

Envirotek cooperates with the world’s leading associations, institutes, universities, and independent consultants such as and European Mosquito Control Association (EMCA), American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) Society for Vector Ecology (SOVE)  to maintain an innovative perspective and develop effective solutions while protecting ecology and human health on the management of public health and forest pests. In this way, Envirotek conducts public health projects, training, and scientific studies, which are adding value to our country.

Envirotek has a wide product range consisting of pest-specific, environmental and human health-friendly products with proven effectiveness and approved by international authorities used for the control of public health and forestry pests such as mosquitoes, pine processionary caterpillars, bark beetles.

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