The protection of forests is of vital importance due to the economic, ecological and social benefits they provide. Considering the benefits of forests which are home to many living species and prevent erosion, supply oxygen , retain carbon, purify the air and prevent the noise, the continuity of a life without forests is inconceivable.
Proper protection of forests against the factors that affects or threaten forests’ health is one of the most important steps in sustainable forestry activities. The first factor that affects the health of forests are forest pests.
Methods that do not harm biological diversity should be preferred in the control of forest pests for forestry areas where ecological balance has a vital importance. After the identification of pests and size of invasion, the appropriate biologic, biotechnical control methods must be applied.
The protection of biodiversity in forests is the basic condition for sustainable management of forests. However, chemical control has a harmful effect on biological diversity, therefore chemical control leads the pests even more effective on forests. For this reason, it is important to choose biological control methods that can be effective on the target pest without harming biological diversity in forests.
As Envirotek, we share our experiences with our solution partners within the scope of “INTEGRATED BIOLOGICAL CONTROL METHODS” .

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