Fendona % 6 SC


60 g/lt Alpha-cypermethrin
Fendona contains alpha-cypermethrin which is a synthetic pyrethroid in the form of small crystallized particles. These particles are highly effective on all types of surface such as wood, glass, brick, concrete and masonry.
Special Formulation:
•Fendona® 6 SC is formulated in the form of suspension concentrate (SC)
•Fendona, enables excellent control over crawling and flying pests
•Fendona does not leave stains on the applied surfaces and does not cause corrosion.
•Fendona has a long lasting (12 weeks) effect.
•Fendona provides high insecticidal activity on target pests.
•Alpha-cypermethrin has an extremely low vapor pressure and does not contain aromatic solvents. The product does not tend to evaporate thanks to this feature. Compared to solvent based products, reusing the areas after the application is taking less time.
• As alpha-cypermethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid, it is biodegradable and does not accumulate in nature.
Target pest species:
Fendona has a rapid knockdown effect and provides a full control over flying and crawling pests.

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