Fourmidor Blue


Fourmidor Blue

Fourmidor is a ready-to-use Fourmidor Blue formulation of proven, high potency insecticide, fipronil for consistent and lasting effects.
It is a valuable new, reliable and professional insecticide that provides complete control over ants.
This product exploits the natural feeding behavior of colonial ants to ensure rapid and complete whole colony control.
Designed specifically for fast, easy and safe applications, it provides affordable and environmentally friendly applications.

Fipronil Activity is proven on low dose
Formidor Blue brings the proven insect-killing power and reliability od fipronil – well known in leading cockroach bait, Goliath – to the professional ant control market.
Fast and total control of the colony
The 0.05% concentration of fipronil is carefully balanced to ensure that ants consuming Formidor have sufficient time to share the palatable sugar rich widely throughout the colony before succumbing but survive for little longer.

Quick, Easy and Safe to Use Indoors and Out
Fourmidor Blue, is a ready to use liquid bait for quick, easy and carefully targeted application to infested areas without the need for dilution or spray equipment.
It is an odorless product designed for use both indoor and outdoor spaces of domestic and commercial buildings.
The combination of its very low active content and mammalian toxicity and highly targeted application further makes Formidor
Efficient use for the perfect results
Advised application rate:
Fourmidor Blue is proposed in 25 g packages to allow fast and easy applications.
The application of a drop of approximately 3-4 mm in diameter (approximately 0.03 g weight) is recommended to the square meter in areas where there are ants problems.

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