Goliath Gel


The fastest and most cost-effective cockroach treatment

The high potency of fipronil and great palatability of its gel formulation make Goliath Gel faster –acting and more reliable than any other gel bait or insecticide spray. Goliath Gel’s small, extremely stable and odourless bait points and fipronil’s very limited absoption through the skin mean sensitive areas can be treated with minimal disruption to people or pets. he ease of use of the gel, its odorless and non-toxic nature ensures that the application of insecticide is made without the risks and inconveniences caused by spray method.
Goliath Gel contains 0.05% fipronil in a highly palatable and stable gel bait.
Application rate:
Goliath Gel is supplied in 35 g cartridges, each containing sufficient gel to produce more than 1100 standart 0,03g bait points and kill over a million of German cockroaches.
Species                               Application rates
German cockroach              1 x 0.03 gr/m2
Oriental cockroach               2 x 0.03 gr/m2
American cockroach             2 x 0.03 gr/m2
Cascade effect
Goliath Gel takes advantage of the fact that poisoned cockroaches return to their harbourages before dying where other individuals consume both their faeces and remains. Laboratory and field studies show fipronil is readily transferred from one cockroach to another in this way, its high potency ensuring continued activity even after several such transfers.
Easy use & Minimum inconvenience
Goliath Gel is applied discretely and the low dosage ensures the greatest safety and least disruption, even in the most sensitive areas without contamination risks.
The product can be applied at any hour of the day without disturbing people living and working in the environment where the product has been applied and without having to face the problems like emptying the room, lifting the material, ventilating and cleaning the area after application.
The superior potency of fipronil means that treating cockroach infestations with Goliath Gel requires less bait than any other alternative treatment. Goliath Gel is easy to apply with precision in the least possible t,me to give the most rapid, lasting and cost-effective cockroach control.

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