Pynosect 10

Permethrin (cis/trans: 25 / 75) 200 gr/lt
Tetramethrin 100 gr/lt
Piperonly Butoxide 400 gr/lt
Pynosect 10 has a special formulation containing Permethrin, Tetramethrin and Piperonly Butoxide.
Highly Effective Product :
The insecticidal effect of the Permethrin has been proven by  field efficiency trials.
 Rapid knock-down effect:
Pynosect 10’s knock-down effect is due to the high-purity Tetramethrin in its composition.
Tetramethrin activates the flies and expose them to the insecticidal effect of Permethrin.

PBO for Resistance Management
Pynosect 10 is a unique product in the fight against resistance of pests due to the 1 :2 rate of Permethrin to Piperonly Butoxide  which is a synergistic agent to Permethrin.

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