Sorexa Blok

Formulation: 0.005% Difenacoum

Sorexa Blok contains the high potency active ingredient Difenacoum which is effective on rats and mice including strains resistant to first generation anticoagulants.

Enhanced palatability:
Combines high grain content with flavour enhancers and a lower level of wax than most blocks.

Excellent Hardness:
Sorexa Block has the excellent hardness for rodents. which facilitate the rodent’s natural inclination to gnaw.

Safe :
Contains 10 ppm of Bitrex which gives a deterrent taste to avoid accidental ingestion by humans and pets.
Contains a warning dye that ensures an early precaution in case of accidental ingestion.

Durable :
Maintain its efficacy and palatability during shelf life.
No spillage risk.
Resistant to insect attack
Valuable in damp or humid conditions

Envirotek AdminSorexa Blok