Storm Secure Block

Formulation: 0.005% Flocoumafen

Exclusive to Storm, flocoumafen is nearly six times more powerful than the most powerful than the most popular second generation antikoagulant rodenticides as well as 40 times stronger than warfarin.

Storm Secure is the most powerful single feed anticoagulant which provides fast and effective rodent control.

Highest effectiveness with the Lowest Feed
Ready to use 20 grams wax block enables efficient and cost-effective applications.
Storm Secure eliminates rodent infestations with significantly less bait and enables faster control than the multi-feed treatments.

Ease of Use and Durability
Pre-measured doses allowing quick and easy replacement and removal with no danger of spillage or wastage, and a central hole for secure fixing in bait station

Contains wax and fungicide against moisture and mold.

Storm Secure contains denatonium benzoate that prevents accidental consumption from children or non-target animals
Contains a warning dye that ensure an early precaution in case of accidental consumption.

Envirotek AdminStorm Secure Block