Vectobac 12 AS

Vectobac 12AS (Aqueous Suspension)
Active Substance: Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis), strain AM 65-52

Potency: 1200 ITU/mg

Vectobac 12AS is an effective, environmentally compatible product for use against mosquitoes and black flies (Simulium) larvae which cause great discomfort to people and lead to important diseases.

Application Areas:
VectoBac 12AS is intended for use in aqueous spray applications to habitats with little or no vegetation. Rate selected should be based on habitat, larval population/stage, and/or environmental conditions.

It can be used in mosquito breeding resources such as lake, marsh, sewage, septic tank, rice fields, irrigation ditches, unused wells standing ponds, cisterns, ornamental pools and it can be used in rivers and streams for the Simulium control.


• Effective for control of mosquito and black fly (Simulium) larvae.

• Enables easy application with all types of spraying system.

• Easy to apply through its liquid formulation.

• VectoBac 12AS is widely used biological larvacide throughout the world

• VectoBac 12AS is Valent BioSciences’ product.

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