VectoBac WG/WDG

VectoBac WG/WDG (Water-dispersible granule)
Active Substance: Bti Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis (strain AM65-52)
AM 65-52
Potency: 3000 ITU/mg
Field performance:
Vectobac WG has an excellent proven field efficacy with a high potency of 3000 ITU / mg. It has also a quick effect on the mosquitoes and and the efficacy results can be assessed quicly in field.
Approved by Competent Authorities:
Vectobac WG is certified by WHOPES (World Health Organization, Pesticide Evaluation Scheme). VectoBac WG has received approval for application in organic crops (OMRI -Organic Materials Review Institute).

Non-targeted Organism Safety:
Vectobac WG is safe for non-target organisms and ecosystems including the natural predators of mosquitoes. Approved for use in sensitive areas. Does not lead to resistance development on mosquitoes.

WG Formulation Advantages:
It produce with special WG technology and wg formulation offers high storage stability of a dry product with the application versatility of a liquid spray.
Thanks to its unique WG technology, it has a homogeneous form in water. It dissolves to sub-particles after its application and stays suspended in the water columns.

Application Areas:
Vectobac WG can be used in mosquitos breeding sources (in polluted and clean water). It is designed for use in aqueous spray mixes and for direct application.

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