Vectolex WG

Active Substance: Bs (Bacillus sphaericus 2362 strain ABTS-1743)
Potency: 650 ITU / mg

Residual Control:
Based upon extensive field evaluations, residual activity of Vectolex WG has been shown to persist for extended periods after single application at labeled rates. Both persistence of the toxin in the water column and recycling of the bacteria contribute to the extended control.
It has been proven by scientific field trials that Vectolex WDG has a high permanence level as it can last for months in various habitats and is also persistent for 4 weeks even in cesspool waters where organic pollution is extreme.

Application areas :
Vectolex WG offers residual control of mosquitoes larvae in both polluted and clean waters. It is ideal to control mosquitoes larvae in areas where organic pollution level is high such as sectic tans, logars, polluted water with animal excrements, stagnant and dirty water deposits etc.

•  Vectolex is the only biological larvicide capable of providing residual control of mosquitoes larvae.
•  Increased storage shelf life
•  Enables savings labour costs
•  Provides specific and complete protection against the target species.
•  Safe for the non-targeted species.
• Sprays easily through many equipment types
•  Long storage life thanks to its special WDG technology and easy to dilute in water.
• Vectolex WG is a product of the world-renowned Valent company.

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