Pine Processionary Caterpillar

Ecological Damages

The damages of the pine processionnary caterpillars are considered as “primary pests” which lead to weakening of the trees while feeding with their needles. They are indirect cause of tree mortalities by exposing them to secondary pests, especially to different bark beetle species. Pine processionary caterpillar is damaging the tree during larval stages.

Economic Damages

Larval feeding of the pine processionary moth weakens and disfigures pine trees.
Not only it leads to decrease the resistance of trees by reason of defoliation, but it also leads to dry trees due to the secondary pests, which cause economic losses in the forests.

Health Risks
Pine processionary caterpillars are the threat to human and animal health due to their allergen hairs. They can be responsible of coma and deaths, especially suffering from asthma, upper and lower respiratory diseases by leading to the swelling of their lymph nodes.

These hairs cause painful skin irritations, itching, urticaria, allergies, oedema, allergic reactions and eye infections to humans and animals. Besides, contact with the respiratory passage can also cause respiratory tract infections such as rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis.

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