Food safety has a vital importance in food facilities where food is prepared, processed, stored or served to the client. Food facilities are very attractive places especially for flying insects, stored product pests, rodents and cockroaches which prefer these places to provide their food and harborage needs.

Integrated pest management programs carried out in the food facilities require precision, experience and expertise at every step. The use of the right product and equipment during the pest control management programs is very important in terms of the food safety, reliability and also the image of the food facilities. In this sense, one of the most important actions to take is to use original and efficient products that will not risk for food safety and be efficient against the targeted pests and friendly to human health and the environment.

With the evolution of technology and science, innovative solutions against the targeted species are increasing for food facilities.

As Envirotek, we bring innovative, safe and eco-friendly solutions to our country and offer our quality solutions to food facilities thanks to our deep-rooted experience, our collaboration with the leading organizations, institutions, companies and experts worldwide.