Suterra 10515 – Pine processionary caterpillar pheromone kit

Suterra Pine processionary caterpillar Pheromone:
Suterra, is a highly attractive and species-specific pheromone for adult Thaumetopoea pityocampa/wilkinsoni. Formulated as dispenser.
The shelf life of the pheromone is 2 years under specified storage conditions.

Suterra Pine processionary caterpillar traps:
Pine processionary caterpillars are attracted with Suterra pheromone and catched thanks to the long-acting special adhesive board in the trap.
Funnel traps are recommended for high infestations.

High performance in field trials
It provides environmentally friendly biotechnical applications with the advantage of species-specific monitoring and control.

Suterra Pheromone and Delta Trap
– Robust and attached with a wire
– 6 weeks lasting efficacy

Suterra Pheromone and Funnel Trap
– Black stripe design to enhance catching
– Provides permanent, long-term monitoring
– 6-12 weeks lasting pheromone efficacy

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